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Tsuroka Zenpo and the Atsumi Coast

Images of Zenpo

We then drove on to Tsuroka and the quiet Zenpo temple on a hillside by the coast, staying the night on the coast at Atsumi, south of Tsuroka near some deserted beach houses on a sea wall beside a tsunami warning sign. All along the coast, at 6 am and 6pm loudspeakers relay warnings accompanied by a jaunty tune like Bolero. Next day we stopped at some small fishing villages with island shrines connected by bridges to the mainland.

From Murakami we went inland and again got lost in the rain, taking a small valley road into the mountains to Mikawa looping back to the coastal valley and doing some expert navigating with the compass on back country roads to pass Tochio to the little town of Sumon, sleeping on an old section of road overlooking rice paddies and forest through the mist.

Images of Zenpo


Where we stopped for the night just beyond Atsumi

Island shrine

We stopped at this small island with a fishing harbour attached and a footbridge across to it and steep steps up to a little fishermen's shrine with a large fish totem.

View from the shrine at the top of the island.



We stayed the next night on this side loop in the mist at Sumon

A giant moth male and female in the public toilet at the lookout


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