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Tazawa-ko and Takko Hime

From Tono we moved further North West yesterday to Lake Tazawa next to Tazawa-ko, the deepest lake in Japan. It is also surrounded in a sexual legend, similar to the Maori story of Taranaki, Ruapehu who both loved the delightful Pihanga but fought until they now stand separated as volcanoes. In the tale of the beautiful Takko Hime and her husband Hachirotaro, she drank too much water and became a water dragon. Her husband ate a fish which also made him suffer the same fate. The fury of their transformation from human to animal created twin lakes Tazawa and Towada and the passion of their love making still prevents the lakes from freezing over in winter. Surrounding the lake are several statues of Hime, from staunch Buddhist Kannon figure, through a mermaid with a serpent's tail to a golden Pania like goddess on the shore.

Thatched bus shelter

Wasabi gardens in the highlands

Map from Tono to Tazawa-ko

A small town Ohasama on the route north to Morioka


A Kanon on the shore

Takko Hime as water dragon

A water dragon in the shrine

A golden Takko Hime on the western shore

and the shrine to her nearby

Sumptuous vegetable and herb gardens nearby

Wood stacks for the winter

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