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Spiritual Takayama

The Teramachi district on the hills to the Eastern edge of Takayama by the road to Matsumoto over the alps, has a string of temples with a delightful walking route passing through a number of temple courtyards. We took a couple of walks along this region in the evening when we arrived and next day before we left.

The commercial area of Takayama and the traditional merchant buildings are in the previous posting.

Temples on the walking route through the Teramachi district

We also visited the little hilltop shrine in the forest above the town.

Steps to the hilltop shrine above the town

We spent an evening sunset meal in the park beside the ruins of Takayama castle.

Parts of the castle walls

The town from the castle

Pagoda of the Hida Kokubun-ji

A sacred ginko tree

Shrine offerings in the central city

Takayama has two matsuri festivals Sannö in April and Hachiman in October. Each of the floats has a resident float house with an image of the float with replicas also in the museum. Here are images of the festival, some of the floats and float houses along with a poster of the full list.

Images of the festival

Chains and copper buckets used to guide water from the roof gutters

Bloated golden temple roof of the Main World Shrine of the Mahi-Kari sect

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