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Cutting through Shikoku to Geisei

From Kotohira, we traveled south through the centre of Shikoku, traversing a series of quite awesome gorges, with suspension foot bridges over them, replacing the traditional rope and vine bridges that one could cut to escape pursuing enemy. At one point I was photographing rafter shooting th rapids when the whole boat load of 10 or so got thrown into the river.s night fell after some crafty navigating on small roads to bypass the coastal cities, we turned in at a charming beach-side avenue running between the sea and a graveyard, ringing with a scintillating throng of crickets, some very like those in New Zealand, but others sounding almost exactly like small temple bells. This coast is te most exposed in Japan both to tsunamis and to typhoons and the sea has a reputation for veering from mirror calm to tempestuous swells which leave the coastline buffeted high above the water line. The beach was foreboding, a hugely wide stretch of shelving sand, pebbles, stones, sand and pebbles, following the imprint of previous storms, which finally arced up at the low tide mark to a precipitous ledge where you could stand as the shingle dived almost vertically into the deep ocean, with waves breaking right at your feet.

Scenes of the precipitous gorges cutting through central Shikoku

The most high perilous spooky swing bridge with a see-through floor

Two vertical panoramas from either side of the bridge

Space shuttle or white-water raft?

Watch these people capsize in the rapids!

The other victims awaiting their fate

Who could it be but Daishi?

A motor cycle pilgrim at Dainichi-ji

More fish protectors on these elegant coastal houses

We reach the south coast just east of Köchi

Now we have sage gnome protectors!

After driving along the coast for a considerable distance looking for a good place to stop the night we finally found this coast side spot at Geisei with a wild stony beach with a precipious ocean and parked off a little walking track frequented by pilgrims.

Sunset at Geisei

Sunrise at Geisei

The beach is very wild and very very wide!

The ocean is really precipitous like the edge of the Earth

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