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Hase to Fujimi over Mt. Nyukasa

From Tsumago we carried in in the high country through Iida and Oshika. Here are a few images along the route.

Shopping malls in Iida, including the CAINZ DIY chain which stock the most unbelievable
range of everything you could imagine for any sort of project.

We pulled off for the evening near Oshika in a disused old loop of road by a bridge in the rain.

The next day we drove into the Minami alps, ascending a winding back road named on the map as a major highway, stocking up with gas at the last gas station ascending the 1424 m summit road, coming down to Hase, where there was supposed to be a back road going by Mt. Kita the second highest mountain in Japan.

Traversing the Minami alps

This road list on the map as a major highway!

Map of the Hase area showing the lake and the road over Nyukasa we will take top left

The road runs elevated along a sweeping mountain valley

Map of the area at Hase. Again our route runs over the mountains top left

The hydro lake at Hase was a rich turquoise

At this point we again became stymied, because the mountain road proved, like those around Kamikochi previously, could be traversed only by paying a hefty price for a bus ticket and was thus useless for a transit in the van. After nearly departing down the valleys again, we returned to the alpine information center and was told by the woman on the desk that the tiny wiggle hexagon 20 was passable in the current conditions, even though the map showed it with a barrier road closed sign on the map, so we decided to take it.

Displays of scarecrows on the road up to the mountain park

A whole art exhibit of mad scarecrows

The road to the mountain park enters a rather precipitous valley

We thus took off in the rain and mist up an exceedingly narrow windy precipitous little bush track that had no seal and in many places was fit only for a four wheel drive, but never quite petered out, despite coming at many places to locked gates with only one opening through.

Does this road go all the way over Nyukasa?

The largest thistles I have ever seen

Seriously does this road go anywhere or is it going to be a massive detour back?

About here we ran into a brick wall hitting two closed gates with no idea which to take. However as we stood there wondering what to do a utility truck came out of one and they laughed and sagesticulated that it was not this one, but the other one.

At one point we took a wrong turning and found we couldn't turn around on the precipitous edge so had to back all the way back up the narrow little gorge.

Rock falls littered the road

Finally we hit the mountain mist and lichen covered cloud forest

We have done over 18 kms up here - will we find a way out?

We are reaching the summit of Nyukasa!

Finally we ascended Mt. Nyukasa 1955 m, all foggy and lichen hanging from the trees, eventually bursting out through a pair of farm gates from the wilderness onto a high plateau farm pasture, then descending in a wild bunch of hairpins to Fujimi and the valley down to Mt. Fuji.

The high country farm in the mist

Map looking down to the Fujima valley

The Fujima valley below

Winter ski lift on the slopes of Nyukasa

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