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Echizen: Crabs and Daffodills

Echizen seems to be Japan's centre of daffodil worship or cultivation whichever!

We then drove on down the wild coast, bypassing Tsurugu and took the coastal rainbow line from Mikata negotiating a hideous clogged industrial stretch from Obaba to Maizuru, then turning north up the coast to stop briefly beyond Maizuru at Amanohashadate, a pine-lined sand spit overrated as one of the three most outstanding sights of Japan.

More extreme rock formations

A natural arch with accident protection

A pool shrine to three heroines of the daffodil, one abandoning her kimono!

In the morning, we stopped at this cave shrine with large balls of coin offerings tied on to matted green ropes

A fishing village along the route

Everywhere there are signs for daffodils and crabs

Seemingly a very high class daffodil glasshouse on the coast

Diverse wildflowers by the roadside

Daffodills on the tunnels

Crabs and daffodils on the manhole covers

Amanohashadate was a mix. Overrated from our point of view in terms of natural wonders it was simply a long sand spit planted in pine trees, but it was also a cultural pilgrimage point of sorts with luxury shops and a rather unique temple with Buddhist pictures of the torments of hell gaudily hanging on the rafters.

The commercial tourist trap

The swing bridge to let boats pass through

The beach at Amanohashadate

The temple

Paintings of the torments of hell

At sunset, we pressed on to Ine, which will be the subject of the next posting.

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