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Ine: An Evening of Reflections

At evening we pressed on to Ine where we found an idyllic spot in a little car park right on the wharves along with three other groups of gypsy van campers fishing and sleeping right there on the wharves. Finding others doing this at all is something very rare in Japan, where camping is a very specialist scouting activity and few people drive around in anything approaching a camper van.

Ine is unique as a Japanese cultural enclave consisting of unique two-storeyed houses in a sheltered bay in which the ground floor is a boat shed they can drive into at high tide and the top storey is for sleeping. There are also a number of small sake breweries and a nice looking little backpacker hotel "The Waterfront Inn".

It has a sleepy little fishing port where we all stayed. The evening was idyllic in the sheltered island bordered inlet that surrounds Ine. We cooked a meal and tucked in for the night. In the morning we woke at sunrise to find recreational fishers lined up on the breakwater and a little old lady official who came around and gave everyone a ticket permission to stay over for 50 yen a piece. Thee were also elderly ladies who kept the wharf area clean and tidy.

The town glowed golden in the sunrise. We took a walk up to the little hilltop shrine and took views over the town after which we drove on a little further up the coast to see the other end of the greater Ine, before heading up on the high loop road cutting through the peninsula to the wild coast beyond, another very small twisting country road.

Views of the first outskirts of Ine on our way in

The sheltered bay

The main street full of fine wooden houses

Scenes of the fishing harbour

The view further out around the bay

Looking out of the harbour

Panoramic view from the pier

Two panoramas of the harbour at sunrise

Ine bathed in the golden glow of sunrise.

Fishing on the breakwater at dawn

The grand lady and her helpers

Surfers night out in the fishing port

A couple of little sake breweries

The main street at sunrise

The shrine in the park on the hill above the port

The port from the hilltop park

Children on the way to school

The Waterfront Inn

Ubiquitous Racoon Dog

Views from further out around the bay

Coming back into town

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