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Fuji Yoshida and Hime Goddesss of fire and fertility

Fuji in better weather from the far end of Fuji-yoshida

Next day took us on to Fuji-yoshida, the main hub of the Fuji lakes area, and stumbled upon Sengen jinja, the Shinto shrine at the foot of the main trail up Fuji, just as they were carrying out the morning ceremonies of setting up the shrine and its fertility offerings. The shrine is dedicated to Konohanasakuya-Hime the Goddess of Fire and child bearing, who is propitiated annually in a big fire ceremony on August 26 at the end of the climbing season to ward off Mt. Fuji from erupting. The shrine comes equipped with golden arks surmounted by phoenixes, carried through the town by the priests, along with a huge red replica of Mt. Fuji amid fire and dancing.

The near end Torii in front of the shrine

Images of Tengu

Notice the sacred tree has its bark stapled together

A fountain driven knocker and a water serpent

Raising the shrine screen with scarlet-skirted female priestess
of the fire goddess entering Fuji-yoshida (below)

Konohanasakuya-Hime:Goddesss of fire and fertility Fuji-yoshida.

The volcano float and arks carried in the fire festival (see end of blog)

Carrying the fertility offerings

Fertility altar at rear of the main shrine to which the offerings were taken

Having driven up Fuji until we became hopelessly submerged in the thick fog, we then drove down to the hub town of Gotemba and to the Hakone area to position ourselves closer to Yokohama for the journey back next day.

Opening the climbing season on July 1

Internet image of Fuji from Fuji-yoshida

View of the summit (internet)

Scenes from the fire festival (internet)

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