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Furukawa: Goldfish and Sake

After Takayama, we headed Furukawa another merchant town with old white-walled sake-brewing and trading houses set on a canal, where there were little 'shrines' set up with fish food for the visitors to hideously overfeed the large gold Koi carp in the stream.

Fish food 'shrine'

The brewer's cedar frond baskets are as ubiquitous as a striped barber's pole

Two breweries (they are not the same one)

The temple precincts by the river

In April Furukawa is home to the Hadaka Matsuri or 'naked' matsuri when boisterous young men in loincloths vie with one another at midnight to place small drums on a stage with one large drum. We weren't there at the right time but here are a few internet images to complete the festival picture.

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