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Tsumago on the Old Post Road

Farming houses on the outskirts of Tsumago

Magome was delightful but rather touristic, but Tsumago over the saddle, on the other side of the range, was still in an unspoiled state, with a long meandering pedestrian only street following the Old Post Road or Nakasendo.

Houses on the Nakasendo as we enter

Coming into the central area of Tsumago

Chic shops

Two houses whose roofs are held with boulders

A house interior

The tree fits the house

Middle aged clothing styles

Steps up to the shrine above the town

Tsumago looks very different from above - a "new' town!

Scenes from the temple

Another group of middle-aged women

School kids giving the V sign

Counterpoint couple's dress style

Street water women in action

Japanese 'bikes' taking a breather

There was a neat little postal museum with artistic descriptions of the original kind of manual activities involved in the postal process with old envelopes showing the history of the postal service.

There was also a neat little museum showing some of the traditional ceremonies and cultural activities of Tsumago.

Tsumago is little changed at the surface from the old days!

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