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Fuji Five Lakes

From Fujimi, it was a long drive south down a wide populated valley, before getting mired in the highways around Kofu where there was no turn off for the 358 to Fuji lakes, going East, but only going West, after we had overshot by 5 kms in rush hour traffic, because it took off from under a fly-over.

Spinning along the highway at Kofu looking towards the Five Lakes hills

We ended up sleeping on the slopes below Fuji five lakes right under the turn off to a viewing mountain called Ashigawa under the highway bridge by a precipitous valley with a stream in the entrance to a little deserted shrine. Another idyllic place brimming with nature that appeared out of nowhere.

You enter the Five Lakes over a mountain pass wheich we descended in drizzly rain.

Fishermen in the rain at Sai-ko

A rain-spattered image of Fuji in better weather

Panorama of Sai-ko

"Private" love hotel

Internet image of Fuji from Kawaguchi in better weather (Wikipedia)

Map of Kawaguchi

The central park

Panorama of Kawaguchi-ko from the park shore

Map of the Five Lakes area and surrounding mountains

A wet lunch in the park

A consecration ceremony on the way into Fuji-Yoshida

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