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Kanazawa: Geisha and Samurai Districts

We then drove on to Kanazawa where I have a neuroscientist friend Danko from Bulgaria. After taking in views of the city from the hills above the giesha district, we rendezvoued with Danko at Kanazawa castle as a landmark we could both identify in the city, before heading out to his apartment at the university. He very kindly put us up for two nights in his tiny but very comfortable air-conditioned apartment.

We arrived in the middle of a late summer heat wave with the road-side thermometers registering 36 centigrade, which even at night is suffocating in the van when you have to keep the windows almost closed with two people inside to avoid encephalitis mosquitoes and the hands of imaginary thieves in the night.

The day we spent in Kanazawa we made a tour of the temple area, having already on the first day wandered the Samurai and Geisha districts. We also made a tour of the temple distirct along little walkways as we saw in Takayama,

The temperature in late summer was stifling!

Views of Kanazawa castle

Canals in the old samurai district

Samurai houses in Kanazawa

An alleyway in the samurai district where there was a chic art shop

The houses are bounded by high walls all in an ochre hue

We were repeatedly invited in for an expensive restaurant lunch

A museum with an enclosed garden and exotic cultural exhibits

An old wooden commercial building

Scenes from the geisha district

We made two visits to the geisha district, which is famous for its redwood buildings, which glow in the golden light of late afternoon and early morning.

A temple in the geisha district

A view out over the city from the hill above the geisha district

Some of the narrow back streets

Dinner with Danko in a Japanese self-cook restaurant

Views of Kanazawa from the hills above the temple district

Scenes on a walk with Danko through the pathways in the temple district

The pokies Kanazawa style

Donuts for breakfast before departure

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