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Fukui: Kanons and Kaga Kimonos

A very imposing Kanon at Fukui

After leaving Danko we traveled down the coast stopping at the Daisnoji family clan Jishöin Temple at Kaga, looking at the rock formations at Mikuni, sleeping the night at a coastal car park with tsunami warning systems using loud speakers to give the time as they have in many other places, even inland.

Daisnoji family clan Jishöin Temple

Jishöin temple had attached a clan hall which had a very up-market display of flower arranging, along with some very expensive art and pottery on sale for prices right out of our spectrum.

Nevertheless we were warmly welcomed by the many lady visitors clad in a diverse array of fashion-conscious kimonos.

Western dress and western style kimono at the temple

Views of beaches and estuaries heading south

There were an interesting lot of rock formations at Mikuni with an island with a cave shrine.

The cave shrine

The variety of sea birds and fish on the coast

The odd rock formations consisting of draped hexagonal crystals

Dolphins jumping in the nearby theme park

Taos Pueblo Cafe in an absolute downpour.

Another island rock shrine

The coast became wilder as the day drew on

A coastal village en route

We eventually stopped the night in this wind-swept car park where a bunch of young Japanese turned up for a while with a loud ghetto blaster but caused no real trouble.

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