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Nishijin Textile and Costume in Kyoto

Shosui Kaku entranceway

This chapter is about our experiences of textiles in Kyoto. One of the most intriguing was a visit to Shosui Kaku a small art gallery in North West Kyoto which had a really stunning display of traditional Japanese and international and modern art pieces all done in fine-grained textile weave.

Nishijin textiles originating from this area of Kyoto go back as far as 794, when Kyoto, also known as "Heian-kyo" was introduced as the capital of Japan. The textile art continued to flourish with notable pauses due to famine and war and political changes through to today. The art embraces all forms of textile from art works to kimonos.

Small panels representing impressionist art.

Entrance door panels

Central art piece under colored floodlights

After this visit we carried on to the Nishijin Craft Centre where there was a standing exhibit of Nishijin textile weaving and a fashion parade of Nishijin kimonos.

Nishijin Craft Centre annex

Kimono fashion parade of Nishijin textile designs

The railway station also had a standing exhibit on Kyoto textiles so the following series of images combine historical pictures of textile production with images of textile craftspeople on site at the Nishijin Craft Centre.

Very fine kimonos on sale

We also saw a series of extremely fine kimonos on display in the Fureaikan Traditional Craft Museum.

Fine kimonos at the Fureaikan Traditional Craft Museum

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