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Kurama and Kibune

A couple of days ago for another change of scene, we traveled by a neat little mountain railway a few kilometres North of Kyoto to Kurama and Kibune, where there is a Buddhist and Shinto complex on Mount Kurama.

A woman and her daughter we met and followed around the journey.

The final station at Kurama

An exhibition of traditional painting at the station

Tengu at Kurama the home of the God

The Kurama Fire Festival

Racoon Dogs at Kurama

The temples straddle a forested mountain park, which we ascended in a long winding pathway with great views out over the hills.

Yuki shrine on the way up

Women worshiping at a Tengu shrine at Kurama.
Tengu is also a mountain protector.

The Kurama-dera temple belongs to the slightly bizarre Kurama-Kokyo sect which, believes that more than six million years ago, Mao-son the great king of conquerors of evil and the spirit of the earth, descended on Mt. Kurama from Venus with the great mission of the salvation of mankind. While this conflicts with evolution as madly as the Christian view of a four thousand year creation, it does make a refreshing twist to the religious fantasies of humankind. Consistent with the engagement of Buddhism with renunciation and death, rather than life and life energies, the main hall had a candle-lit mausoleum below full of the urns of the ashes of the dead in long rows like an ancient DNA library.

The temple has a basement mausoleum with the ashes of the departed in urns.

Yet another sand molded Fuji

The path over the ridge to Kibune

Thee is a wild and steep descent through the forest knotted with tree roots.

Our friends on the lower track to Kibune

Entrance to the Kifune shrine at Kibune

Sacred spring water

Good luck messages floated on the water

On the road to Kibune station

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