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Chawan-zaka (Teapot Lane) District

This is a chapter on the day trip up to Kyomizu-dera and Jishu-jinja, The area below Kyomizu-dera is called Chawan-zaka or Teapot Lane after the alley that runs up to the temple steps at the entrance. It is just one of a series of fashionable narrow hillside streets with a variety of food and craft shops selling goods to the visitors to the temple.

A couple on an outing dressed up in traditional costume.

We have come upon a so far endless variety of the spontaneous and unexpected. After exploring some of the craft centres, we walked by the Yasaka pagoda, coming upon a succession of women dressed up as Geisha's for a day and to the Sennen-zaka and Nissen-zaka districts full of old houses and boutique shops finding as we wound up the hill crowds of people converging on another temple Kyomizu-dera.

A little Buddhist temple with the three wise monkeys and a shrine full of tumble dolls.

These three women in traditional kimonos are heading for Kyomizu-dera and the love jinja.

Women in Geisha dress.

Ceramic sculptures Nissen-zaka district

A group entering the Yasaka pagoda

A little love garden and lake behind the shops.

The very crowded Chawan-zaka (Teapot Lane) just below the entrance to Kyomizu-dera.

An itinerant pilgrim begging for alms.

A furtive nun on her way to buy ice cream.

Here she is buying up big.

I think we already saw these school kids at Kyomizu-dera.

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